Zaiwei’s ZW437S  visual electronic peephole system (split type) overcomes shortcomings of the traditional peep hole: limited display, inconvenient observation and so on. It provides guests with high-definition of the visitors’ image, and you can switch the images freely. Any anti-peephole devices will fail facing ZW437S . If you own this wonderful door peephole in your hotel/house, your safety and high grade will both be enhanced to a new level!



Zaiwei’s door peephole is of small size and can be installed easily. Its  camera is made of metal shell, making itself safe and strong. What’s more surprising is that you can observe the situation outside freely and in a  wide angle when touching the button.

The peephole will shut down automatically after working for 40 seconds instead of manual operation, giving the guests more convenience. It uses cover-line or hinge line to protect power cable or/and video cable.

Technical Parameters

According to most high-star hotels’ requests, Zaiwei developed ZW437S visual electronic peephole system (split type). It overcomes below shortcomings of the traditional peephole: small peephole, inconvenient observation and etc.. It provides guests with high-definition of the visitors’ image, and you can switch the images freely.

It’s easy and convenient to use the door peephole. You can see the visitor’s clear image through the large LCD screen.

With the AV output function, it can display the visitor’s image through the TV screen. Also, the images will switch to the LCD display on the peep hole  once you press the touch switch.

Turn on the switch on the hotel electronic peephole viewer, the visitor with permission can unlock the door.

It’s completely eliminate the situation that someone use “Anti-peephole” device to peep the room, giving tight protection for guests’ privacy life in the room.

This electronic peephole let the guest feel more safety and warmly and it’s can attract more guests to re-book the hotels room.

As the guest control host RCU provides low-voltage DC power supply to the peephole, you don’t need to exchange the battery.



Camera Wide-angle lens, ?30mm
Sensor 2 million pixels
LCD screen 7 inch color LCD, 480 * 800 resolution
Display color   262K
Viewing angle   L70° R70° U50° D60°

AV video output

1 path, access to television, transmission distance is more than 10m
Working voltage DC10~16V (supplied by RCU box)
Working current <40mA
Range of sight Normal sight distance > 3 meters, low sight distance > 1.5 meters
Display size H175×W116×D18mm