Zaiwei hotel control system, which is the overall solution designed for different types of hotels, can integrate with 3rd party systems to provide a better service for each guest in the hotel.

With occupancy-based energy management and intuitive guest-facing technology, operators can reduce hotel energy consumption, improve operational efficiency, and give guests the comfort, control and convenience they expect.

By APP or other ways, guests can not only book rooms, select rooms and so on, but also open door locks, lights and other things.



 Working state

The working state of Zaiwei hotel control system is divided into 4 kinds: normal, emergency, test, fobbiden state.
     Running mode in normal state
Zaiwei hotel control system provides five running modes: wait rent, welcome, rented that has person inside, rented that has no one and sleep mode.
   Controlled electrical appliance

hotel control system

With Zaiwei hotel control system, hotel managers and guests can control and manage room equipment.

     3 main controlled equipment

hotel control system

Hotel control system provides power management and RS485 network management on these equipment.


        Lighting Scene Mode

hotel control system

Hotel control system can provide four lighting scene mode (including sleep mode).
        Alarm linkage

hotel control system

Each unit of hotel control system supports 4 alarm linkage and some SOS access.


     Request and handling of service

Each unit of hotel control system supports 8 service requests (including the doorbell and visual peephole).


          Customer service

wireless lock

Our commitment to service is the customer satisfaction, providing quick and efficient service for you.



Parameters Sheet

The technichal parameters of Zaiwei hotel control system

Items Definitions Introductions
Parameters Working voltage  220 VAC plus or minus 10% (220 VAC plus or minus 10%), 50/60Hz
Rated Power 24W
Processor The 32-bit ARM 12MHz with the operating system
Debug Interface JTAG
Working condition -20℃~50℃, the biggest 90% RH (no steam or water)
Input collection The amount of switches 4 alarming circuits, 8 service circuits, 14-22 circuits for switch input
Smart port Isolation RS485 interface 1 road, 1 road 232, 1 road TCP/IP
Output control Lighting curtain 12A, 14 to 22 circuit lighting power supply output
Socket 12A, one circuit or dosturbing an ac contactor (power)
Dimming system 10A, 2~4 roads, incandescent lighting
Air condition control 1~2 groups, 4~8 circuits to control electromagnetic valve (eletric valves) and 3 air extractors
Display output DC 12V, 24~34 circuits for backlit output
The doorbell & visible cat’s eyes One circuit for controlling doorbell, one for cat’s eye, one for video set-top box switch
The international  communication 
of guest rooms
Communications bus I RS485, 9600BPS supports 3 switches of temperature controlling, 3 of network door locks and the identification switch
Communications bus II RS232, 9600BPS, for better expansibility
Network service Ethernet 10M/100M
Shell material Varnish-baked metal shell
Installation Fix them into the with screws
 Management Software
Zaiwei 2.01 management software is the core of the hotel control system, controlling and managing the whole customer control system. The software adopts most stable Client / Server (C / S) architecture, Microsoft SQL Server database management system and Turbo Pascal high-level language, and it is suitable for WINDOWS 2000, XP, VISTA, WIN7 and other operating system platform. The software can connect with the hotel’s internal area network, and it can also collect the information of real-time room state through the communication system (write to database to analyze and query), and transmit various control information to RCU. With the intuitive graphical interface and simple operation, managers can do operations of relevant related permissions by landing with name and password.
The mobile application is suitable for iOS, Android and other operating platform, the software interface is as follows: