Zaiwei RCU is a unique generation of hotel Guest Room Control Unit which uses the international most advanced microcomputer control chip. Through the TCP/IP communication protocol, it can control and monitor different target and equipment, such as panel, curtain, doorbell, lamp, fan and air conditioner and so on.
1. NTC high precision sensor detect indoor temperature;
2. Through the RS485 communication protocol, the real-time temperature and temperature parameters set by user could upload to the “iPad”-control system.



1. Microcomputer Control

Room control unit uses the most advanced and international microcomputer control chip.

2. High Precision Sensor

Room control unit uses NTC high precision sensor to detect indoor temperature.


3. “iPad” Control System

Through the RS485 communication protocol, the real-time temperature and temperature parameters set by users could upload to the “iPad”-control system.


4. Remote Control

Hotel room control system with science management can save energy and has the ability of remotely controlling Zaiwei RCU388 RCU host.


5. Manual Control

Using manual and automatic dual control modes and the priority is given to the manual control.


6. Switch Time

Choice of heating, cooling and ventilation modes. Users can set the temperature, adjustable speed and switch time.


7. Safe for Users

Thermostat does not directly control the air blower. The weak current controls the strong power in order to completely eliminate the risk of the users’ security.

        8.Our commitment to servic


Main Hardware

                                             Zaiwei  RCU including the main control, power, light, transformation and other modules. It is made by Metal Baseboard, Orbit and Shell etc. You can adjust the strong current module according to your request.

Dimensions: 500 * 400 * 90 MM,

Material: 1 MM Painted Baosteel plate.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           “Super Brain” – Use the 32-bit ARM processor. It has a strong ability to fastly run multi-tasking operating system;Adopt advanced and stable TCP/IP communication protocol; It has AI-BUS anti-collision patented technology, and the automatic bus arbitration; It runs fast but cost little implementation; The original terminal board design made it easy to install.
                                             Input AC: 110V ~ 220V ± 15%; Frequency: 50HZ ~ 60HZ

Fuse protection is provided for the input and output terminals.

Output DC: 12V ± 2V

Output current: <5A It has over-current and short-circuit protection automatically reply.

                                                                                                                              AI-BUS bus control automatic arbitration;

Working voltage: DC12V; Operating current: <300 MA;

It can flexibly arrange for electrical appliances as the output capacity ratio differences; Use Hongfa Relay 10 A output ; Output configuration is protected for short circuit or over-current.


                                                                                                                                                                     AI-BUS bus control automatic arbitration;

Working voltage: DC12V, Working current <200 MA;

SCR with zero detection, adjust the control of lighting, inhibit interferences on the grid; Digital logic dimming from 1~100; 5A output drive capability of each channel with the configuration of short circuit, over-current protection


Working voltage DC12V±3V
Working current <25mA
Temperature control range 10℃~30℃
Power supply by    RCU box
Compensation temperature   -9℃~+9℃, the default is -1℃
Communication parameters RS485, baud rate 9600BPS
Temperature control accuracy ±1℃
Backlight color Blue -B( standard), green-G(custom-made)
Working environment 0℃~55℃, the largest 90%RH, no condensation
External dimensions H86×W86×D13mm